Proactive Community Services nurturing lives through NDIS support.

Group and Centre-Based Activities

Group and centre-based activities assist in skill development, social interactions and engagement with activities such as music, computer skills, games, kitchen skills etc. that arouses a sense of inclusivity in all participants. The venues can be community centers and clubs. We assist in all of these activities.

Participation In The Community

In case they don’t feel left out or being mistreated, Proactive Community Services assist in active participation in the community with the engagement in social, recreational and community activities allowing them to develop their social circle and skills. It enhances the overall well-being of the participants.

Assistance With Household Tasks

We assist our participants in household tasks and chores which involve vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, table setting, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and other activities that are part of daily routine. We have specialized vans used for transportation that enable the participants to make independent decisions for their lives.

Life Skill Development

Proactive Community Services Actively Involves Participants In Life Skill Development Such As Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Time Management And Financial Management Enabling Them To Live An Independent Life. We Also Encourage Fostering Social Skills For Participants To Engage And Interact With The Community.

Innovative Community Participation

We assist in innovative community participation that encourages people to engage in social activities, events and programs that promote social inclusion, community connection, networking and social skill development helping participants to become part of the wider community.

Assistance With Daily Tasks/Shared Living

For participants living in shared arrangements, Proactive Community Services assists with household chores, personal care and meal preparation to maintain a healthy shared living environment. This makes the participant feel independent while respecting their dignity and sense of belongingness.

Community Nursing Care

Proactive Community Services Provides Community Nursing Care For Participants With Complex Medical Needs Requiring Nursing Intervention And Monitoring In A Community.

Home Modification

This Service Includes The Changes Made To The Living Environment Of The Participant To Enhance Their Safety, Independence And Accessibility.

Assistance with Daily Personal Activities

We Provide Support To Disabled Participants With Their Daily Activities Including Bathing, Hygiene, Dressing, Grooming, Mobility Etc.

Assistance with Travel and Transport

We Offer Support And Assistance With Transport And Travel To Participants Enabling Them Access To Essential Services, Attending Medical Appointments,

Assistance with Daily Personal Activities (High Intensity)

We Possess Expertise In The Provision Of Support And Assistance To The Daily Personal Activities Of Participants With High-Intensity Needs.

Assistance with Life Stage Transition

We Provide Support And Care For Participants In Phases Of Significant Life Transitions Including Moving From School To Post-School Activities, Or From Care Management To Independent Living.